Journal #1 – Controller

My parents had banned home consoles from our house, handhelds were fine but the idea of a big box plugged into the TV eagerly awaiting their children every day to sit down and drain their youthful energy into was not something they wanted. But when the Wii came along I was able to convince them otherwise, because the Wii was different and even though they knew next to nothing about the world of video games they like many others understood that the Wii had done something new and different.

The Wii had introduced a new controller to the very unoriginal world of grid like buttons and joysticks. The new Wii controller was a remote like wand that had motion sensors, gyro sensors to detect the angle that you held the remote and an even magic like ability to serve where you were pointing it (using a sensor bar at the TV) it even came with and extension nunchuck to add versatility. These changes in design revolutionized the titles we would see come out for the Wii across its lifespan. These designs encouraged motion and action in all actuality, and this helped launch the Wii into the realm of a “party system”. The Wii made it fun for literally the whole family to play and even just watch someone Wave their arms around furiously trying to pop a balloon or launch Mario through space.

The changes that Nintendo brought forward with the Wii were not loved by everyone. The new set of affordances: tilting, shaking, waving, etc. Made some gamers who came from the precision world of tight joysticks and uniform buttons angry. Especially games like First person shooters were near impossible to play at the same level of accuracy as before. The first game I actually owned for the Wii was COD4 Modern warfare and it was a challenge to play but eventually I learned how to tuck the controller close to my body and breath very calmly in order to run and gun with the best skill. In this sense the controller that brought video games to my home was only one if my biggest hurdle to overcome. The design if the controller revolutionized video games but was also a huge hindrance to existing styles of play

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