Journal #2 – Interactive Media

Video games as a form of interactive media have provided me with numerous instances of enjoyment and enjoyment. Recently the moment that I have felt the most engaged in interactive media was playing Ratchet and clank for the PS4. As a kid I played the original ratchet and clank games at my friend’s house after school so being able to have a copy of the game myself was already getting me excited but when  I first started to play it blew me away. Setting aside the amazing beautiful graphics and art style the game felt amazing, it is the closest feeling I have ever had to “playing” a movie. To explain further the game is structured and designed so that it feels as if you are controlling the events of an animated movie. The way you move the way the camera follows you, the attention to detail in the scenery and how to world shapes itself around the player and the players actions.

The games atmosphere dose an amazing job of shaping your experience so that the adventure you go on feel like your own. The story they are actually telling could be criticized for being predictable and somewhat childish but it doesn’t seem to matter, after only a short time playing I was completely immersed. The game encouraged me to adopt a playful mindset and to enjoy the experience as it unfolded and it was easy to do so.

In conclusion the design of Ratchet and Clank for the PS4 was captivating and engaging in every way. Allowing me to have an amazing experience playing their game.

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