Journal # 3 – We can Work From Home

The ability to work from home has often been reserved for a specific few career paths even though it has a plethora of advantages such as “be your own boss”, “never have to wear pants”, and “more time with the family”. One line of work that seems to be the polar opposite of that however is factory line work. What if all of that could change?

With the introduction of VR and its improvements in accuracy I propose that that factory line workers could perform their duties remotely using a VR set up in their home. This could come with a plethora of new opportunity’s and advantages.

Work could be more closely monitored and accuracy could be improved. When things go wrong it would be very easy to tell why and learn how to fix it to make it safer. Workers would be using VR to control a set of robotic arms so they would experience less fatigue and risk of injury. Workers could even receive live up to date critical information through a HUD system.

This would be a revolutionary change to the performance of a factory while also benefiting the work force.

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